Biometric Finance (BioFi) - Utility Token

Finnovant Inc. creates secure biometric solutions, enabling people to design, develop and interact with emerging products that have the potential to make a lasting impact around the world by improving data security and validation for the common person.
Problem: With data breaches and hacks on the rise, consumers in the 21st century have lost faith in the ability of service providers to protect their identity and are looking for a solution that can help protect their sensitive information.
Solution: A decentralized finance “Defi” token with real utility providing rewards, which can be pledged for mining, used to validate identity, and for payments within the BioFi ecosystem. The BioFi ecosystem addresses the concerns many people have about safeguarding their personal data and being safe from exploitation by fraudsters. This is significant for users of personal devices who care about their freedom and personal data. Our team brings top-tier experience from many industry verticals and emerging technologies. Major components of the BioFi ecosystem have already launched in the mobile app stores.
Technical: BioFi is a utility token and a secure set of solutions developed by our team and our providers that leverages biometrics, the blockchain, and decentralized services. New providers are welcome to join the ecosystem. Biometrics on mobile devices provide one level of security, while BioFi goes a level beyond to secure your apps, data, and personal information. The BioFi token will launch in Q1 - Q2 of 2022 as an ERC20 token.
Revenue: Solution providers can independently create their own solutions by easily integrating with the BioFi ecosystem through common API interfaces.
Sample solutions may deliver ability to: secure sensitive information with biometric access, allow access and to pay for ecosystem utility solutions, earn utility rewards by pledging assets, store utility value and accumulate rewards, finance health utility savings and coverages and deliver biometrically secure solutions/products for enterprise utility.
Token Distribution
Token Emissions