Frequently Asked Questions

dApp Frequently Asked questions

When registering, should I choose “User”, “Provider”, or “Event Planner”?

If you are an individual holder looking to join the BioFi Ecosystem you would select “User”..If you are a business owner who wants to provide services to employees select “Provider”.If you would like to setup an event using the BioFi ecosystem select “Event Planner”.

Most people fall under the “User” category.

Do I need to re-register on the new rewards site?

No. All previous login information and accounts are still active and valid on the new website.

Is my previous rewards contract still in effect with the new site?

Yes. All contracts that were created on the old site are still active and have not been altered. End dates, rewards, utility usages, etc are all carried over.

What mobile browser should I use?

Most browsers are compatible however the app site mobile version has been designed and optimized for MetaMask’s in-app browser.

What desktop browser should I use?

All desktop browsers can be used to operate the app site as long as your wallet extension is installed. Our currently preferred wallet extension is MetaMask.

What wallet should I use?

Most wallets are compatible however the app site, both mobile and desktop, are currently optimized for MetaMask. MetaMask can be installed on a majority of web browsers and on both Android and iOS.

Where can I download MetaMask?

MetaMask can be downloaded here. (

My final transaction is completed but it is not progressing to the next step in the rewards process on-screen.

If the final transaction in the rewards process is completed the contract will be written to the blockchain. You can track the transaction on  You can also check your wallet to see that the BioFi has been deposited.

The gas fee on my final transaction to create a rewards contract is higher than normal.

Gas fees for the final transaction to create a rewards contract should be around .005 - .01. 

If the gas fee seems higher than normal (around .1 AVAX) click the estimated gas fee to edit. Select the “Market” option. This should reset the gas to the appropriate amount for market conditions.

If you do not have enough AVAX to complete the transaction MetaMask will display how much more is needed.

My email ID isn’t working.

First, always double check that the email ID you are entering is the one linked to the wallet you are connected with. Email IDs are case sensitive. Make sure you have the proper letters capitalized or lowercase. 

If the problem persist please try to re-register with the email you previously used. All contract information will still be carried over. 

*Most mobile phones automatically capitalize the first letter typed. This can cause an error on mobile if your email begins with a lowercase.

Can I add to my current rewards contract

No you cannot add to a contract that is currently live.

What is “Utility Usage Requirements”?

“Utility Usage Requirements” is the amount of Utility Usage Points you need to earn the full utility rewards rate. 

What is “Utility Usage”?

Utility Usage is simply coming back to the ecosystem. Whether its logging in to check how much $BioFi you have deposited, logging in to check your contract end date, or logging in to close a contract. Each log in to the utility page grants one point for utility usage.

What is “Full Utility Rewards Rate” and “Partial Utility Rewards Rate”?

Full utility rewards rate is the reward percentage you earn if you hit the Utility usage requirements. Partial utility rewards rate is the percentage earned if you do NOT hit the utility usage requirements. Both will earn you rewards, but full utility usage is a higher percentage.

My new contract is stuck at approval even though I approved it.

If you confirmed your approval and the rewards process has not progressed to the next step, clear the cache of your browser then restart your contract.

How do I clear the cache on my mobile browser?

Brave Browser

  • Click the three horizontal dots in the bottom right corner.
  • Click Settings
  • Click “Brave Shields & Privacy”
  • Scroll down and select which data to clear. Make sure “Cache” and “Cookies and Site Data” are selected.
  • Click "Clear Data Now"

Chrome Browser

  • Click the three horizontal dots in the bottom right corner.
  • Click “History” in the top bar.
  • Click “Clear Browsing Data” in the bottom left.
  • Select the timeframe you would like to delete data from. “Last Hour” is optimal as to not lose all your search history.
  • Make sure “Cookies, Site Data” and “Cached Image and Files” are checked.
  • Click “Clear Browsing Data” at the bottom.

‍‍Safari - Mobile

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Scroll down and click “Safari”
  • Scroll down and click “Clear History and Website Data”
  • Select “Close Tabs” or “Keep Tabs” each option will work fine.

If your preferred mobile browser is not listed contact us for support.

Brave browser on [ Mobile ] will not let me connect with my preferred wallet.

When using Brave browser on mobile it will automatically try to use its native wallet, the brave wallet. In order to disable this feature Brave requires you to create a Brave wallet. Once created you can go into settings, click “Brave Wallet” in the features category, and set “Default Ethereum Wallet” to “none”.

Brave browser [ Desktop ] will not let me connect my wallet.

Brave will always try to use it’s native wallet first. To disable this feature click the three lines in the top right corner of the browser, click settings at the bottom of the dropdown window. This will open the browser’s setting page. Click “wallet” in the sidebar on the left and change “Default Ethereum Wallet” to “none”. This will allow the use of other wallets while using Brave.